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Dropping The Ball: NFL Player Arrests

By | source:Here Dec 25th, 2017

You might think that being a giant sports star and a role model would make a decent citizen out of anyone. However, we all know that this couldn’t be further from the truth. NFL stars, in particular, have been arrested on a number of different charges.  Even though the majority of NFL players are exemplary citizens, there are more than a few bad apples amongst them.

Why are so many players getting themselves arrested? Well, the charges vary from public intoxication and DUIs to assault and domestic violence.  Most of the arrests involve alcohol and drug possession is a close second. So much for sports professionals leading healthy lives.

Drugs and alcohol not enough for you? There are plenty more disappointing stats and facts about NFL arrests in this infographic. If you want to learn how your team stacks up against the others when it comes to arrests, then you’ve come to the right place. Just a little disclaimer, these stats are just from 2000-2017, so don’t expect to get a complete history of NFL players’ arrest records.