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Does Your Boss Secretly Hate You?

By | source:Here Aug 24th, 2020

Have you ever had the feeling that your boss doesn’t like you? It may be that you’re overly sensitive. Perhaps you don’t understand her personality type…or maybe she really does hate you. If your boss wants to protect her professional image, she may hide her true feelings from you. So how do you confirm your suspicion that your boss really hates you?

This infographic offers some clear signs to look out for if you’re concerned about how your boss truly feels about you.

Judging from this chart, this must be rather an awkward position to be in. Unfortunately, it offers no advice on what to do about the situation.

Your first instinct may be to find another job. After all, if she’s not going anywhere maybe you should. Perhaps you can try to change her mind about you. Try being her most useful employee, arrive punctually and don’t clock watch, show an interest in her well-being, and always greet her with a smile. Share your personal stories and best tips about a bitcoin revolution.  Charm her with kindness and she just might change her attitude about you.

If all else fails perhaps it’s time to move on and find that dream job elsewhere.