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These Surprising Factors Can Help Predict Your Chance Of Divorce

By | source:Here Mar 12th, 2018

You’ve heard people say that you have a 50 percent change of getting divorced if you decide to get married, but is that really the case?

Turns out, divorce rates are actually going down. After peaking in the 1980s with a 40 percent chance of divorce, American marriages have grown stronger –– to an extent. From now until 2020, divorce is expected to either remain the same or decrease.

Apparently, the false statistic about half of marriages ending in divorce started in the 80s when a study said most couples married in the seventies wouldn’t make it the first decade.

So what are your real chances of getting divorced? Aside from traits like education level, age, and your parents’ marital status, your credit score is a good way to measure your chances of marital success (or failure).

One of every three divorcees admitted they were dishonest with their spouse regarding their spending habits, and more than half of them hid cash from their now-exes. A more frightening stat? Around 60 percent of people claim they kept their spending a secret in order to avoid “problems at home.” Yikes!

I’m a fan of opening the lines of communication: Talking about money with your partner is one of those things you have to be comfortable doing. The trick? Keep your debt low and talk with your significant other, and your marriage will last as long as you want to!