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Top Tricks For Digital Advertising Like A Pro

By | source:Here Dec 11th, 2019

We all struggle at something, and doing Digital Advertising like a pro is harder than you may think! From Facebook to Instagram to Google advertisements, there are so many different ways to advertise and so many unique metrics to look at, it is indeed very easy to get lost with it all…

Today’s infographic will teach you the proper way to do things. Most important above all is to have a set goal in mind before moving further.

That used to be my mistake, going through with paying for advertisements without having a clear set goal! Oh dear do I regret it. There was so much money spent for no reason. Well, I learned from my mistakes, and I hope you won’t have to learn from mistakes, and instead be a great advertiser with a well-spent budget from the get-go!

The flow-chart makes it really simple to pick the correct advertisement goal and tells you what metrics you should look at. Don’t forget to do split-testing as well! Just running one advertisement is no good, you have to have two different copies of an advertisement, and see which one converts better! Then, that copy is called the “control” and you try to beat it with a better-converting advertisement!

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