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How To Deal With An Internet Outage

By | source:Visually Jan 14th, 2019

There’s nothing more frightening than losing your internet. Nothing. Which is why sometimes we need to poke fun at ourselves and laugh a bit. 

If your internet service goes down, then here are some things to consider doing while wandering lost in a disconnected non-digital world. Surviving won’t be easy, but it’s possible.

After the first few minutes, you’ll be tired of pressing F5 and trying to figure out your neighbor’s WiFi password. You might get the sudden urge to vent or even take your anger out at someone. Picking up the phone and calling your service provider to yell at them is always an interesting option. Still upset? Maybe express yourself in some form of art, like painting or drawing for stress relief.

You can probably cry a little too. Or you can get up and grab life by the horns! If your internet is out for a while, you can read a book, do chores, call friends, or watch TV. But make sure you do it with a bad attitude because not having internet is not okay!

Just be sure to try F5 again. Maybe even call the service provider to yell at them one more time. That always speeds up an otherwise slow and painful process. One thing’s for sure, patiently waiting is not an option.