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Cutting the Cable: The State of Internet TV

By | source: Mar 4th, 2011

I’m going to start today’s post off with a Netflix ad. No, I didn’t get paid to say this, I really mean it: Netflix is the best thing ever. I just got finished watching the first 8 episodes of Trailer Park Boys… with no commercials! I thought I was a smart ass in the 90’s when I would tape a show and fast forward my VCR to cut through commercials. Now I get to watch High Definition TV within a 5 second buffer period.

The best way to sum up how Netflix works would be magic. Somehow I get a new DVD the day after the old is shipped away from my house. When my internet is too slow and I can’t stream Netflix, netflix will e-mail me and refund those minutes I couldn’t watch TV. What a thoughtful gesture. A company being ‘thoughtful’? Has the world gone insane. I used to see Netflix commercials and think that it would be something cool to have, but it wasn’t something I needed. Well, I really should of been thinking that my regular cable television wasn’t a necessity. If I loose 7 minutes of show time to commercials every half hour, I watch a whole half hour of commercials in 2 hours. Waste of my time!

I guess I am a bit of a hypocrite. For hating commercials so much this post is pretty pro-Netflix. Maybe I can make up this kiss-ass post by offering a cash prize to any graphic designers out there? Okay, I can’t, but the water crisis news network, Circle of Blue, can! They partnered with to throw an Infographic design contest. If you’re super savvy with Photoshop and could use an extra 5000 bones in pocket this could be for you. The deadline is March 15th so you better get on it, more contest details may be found .