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Facts About Craigslist

By | source: Jul 17th, 2010

Craigslist makes 81M in revenue per year? Awesome. I’m not sure what your experience with Craigslist has been, but so far, mine has been up and down. Especially when I’m trying to sell something. For example, I recently sold my iPhone 3GS. I found a buyer very quickly and sold it in 1 day for a good price. I am also trying to sell a professional video camera, but I have yet to find a buyer. The only responses I get are from African Princes looking to buy my camera and ship it to their “friend” who’s in the US military in Guam. Sounds legit to me!

Check out some of the crazy situations that have occurred in combination with the use of Cragislist. And make sure to check out my camera for sale. Anyone in the Austin area looking to a buy a Sony VX2000? [Via]