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The Cost of Living Around the World Compared

By | source:Here Oct 19th, 2017

After graduation, the first goal on my mind was moving out of my parents’ house.  Alot easier said than done.  Free rent can be hard to pass up when you are just scraping by.   Another question arises when you’re trying to get out:  where do I go?  There’s never been more freedom to move around the world as there is now.  If you’re looking for the right city, you might want to keep in mind these expensive ones.

Today’s infographic classifies countries around the world and ranks them by cost of living. Cost of living factors in prices of groceries, transportation, restaurants, utilities and rent.   If you’re wondering how this was calculated, they gathered data from users around the world, and benchmarked New York’s cost of living at 100. That means that if a country is placed in the 60th percentile, living there would cost you around 60% of what living in the Big Apple would. If a place is in the 120th percentile, you would spend around 20% more than you would by living  in New York.

That might simplify the economic factor for you.   The next step is to pick a reasonably priced destination and go!