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How To Choose Colors That Even Soothe Babies

By | source:Here Sep 19th, 2018

When faced with color choices, people instinctively react in relatively predictable ways.   Color psychology has interesting roots and has benefited from ongoing research.  When painting a nursery, parents often have a theme or color scheme in mind. But, did you know that colors affect mood, energy, and sleep?    The perfect paint colors do more than match the rug and accessories.

Warm colors, like reds, oranges, and yellows stimulate children. These energy-creating tones are perfect for imaginative play, but not so great for bedtime. Whereas cool colors, like blues and greens, are known for their calming effects. However, they often end up feeling dull or dreary.

Make the most out of your color scheme by using your colors wisely. If you’re in love with bright, warm colors, then start with an accent wall. Too much color in a room will keep an infant awake. Instead, try bringing in warm tones with accessories, such as chair cushions or a colored closet organizer.

If you want cool colors and neutrals, then keep it from feeling boring by choosing lighter shades to compliment your darker tones. Add a pop of color by way of accessories or a well-placed piece of furniture. Cool colors are perfect for bedtime, just make sure you have enough fun accessories to keep the room upbeat for baby.

Choosing paint for an infant’s room doesn’t have to be hard. Even if you have a theme in mind or colors that you’re in love with, remember to think about your baby’s needs. Pick colors that help baby get the best sleep followed by a stimulating day of play.