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Color-fooled: Visual Stimulus and Marketing

By | source: Dec 25th, 2011

Itâ??s that annoying realization: â??Wait…did I really just put that in my shopping cart because of the pretty packaging?â?

Chances areâ?¦ Yes, you just did. You just got color-fooled. But donâ??t worry, it was no simple trickâ?¦ scores of psychologists have been at work setting up these intricate, appealing traps for decades.

We are of a very visually oriented species. It seems obvious, but I was taken aback at the overwhelming majority (85%) of shoppers place color alone as the primary reason for buying a particular product.

And thatâ??s just color. Visual stimuli come in a variety of different formsâ?¦Online shopping brings our eyes into a whole new arena. How often have you been dissuaded from buying a product online because the page took too long to load? Or maybe the website just didnâ??t â??look legitâ??

There is a very inverse relationship between page load time and decrease in sales for online retailers.  It seems that todayâ??s customers are saying: â??No shiny instant gratification, no deal.â?  (via)

Oh, and for those of you who partake: Merry Christmas!

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