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Vital Steps For Preventing Child Identity Theft

By | source:Here Aug 24th, 2019

Identity theft is a serious and very expensive problem that’s been affecting a great number of people lately. Unfortunately, it isn’t a problem that’s affecting only adults, as much as adults have Jedi mind-tricked themselves into thinking it is.

In the United States alone, 15.4 million people had their identities stolen. Out of those, over 1 million were children, and at least two-thirds of those were under the age of 7.

Basically, identity theft is the acquisition of another person’s personal information to use it illegally. Many identity thieves sell the information on the black market to people who often use it for financial gain. For example, thieves will use Social Security numbers to make transactions as if they were other people.

It is worrying, but there are some clear, tell-tale signs of identity theft you can look out for. If your child is receiving credit card offers in the email or the IRS claims that your child owes taxes, you should check what’s going on.

Identity theft is something that should be treated carefully, as the consequences could potentially ruin your child’s life forever. Being unable to get bank loans and being ineligible for student loans, getting arrest warrants issued in their name, or even being unable to apply for driver’s license are all potential problems you can prevent with a few, simple steps.