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Carrots Used to be Purple?

By | source: May 9th, 2011

Yes, you read today’s title correctly, before the 17th century carrots in fact used to be purple. The carrots we eat today are actually the mutant strains of those of the past; we have the Dutch to thank for the carrots of today. Today’s infographic entitled 10 Fascinating Food Facts is chuck full of food facts that many of us may have never heard before.

I don’t know about you, but Rice Krispies are amongst my favorite of cereals. Not only are they a breakfast cereal but when mixed with marshmallows make some pretty delicious treats. There is also their slogan, how can anyone ever forget the catchy slogan of snap, crackle, pop? Have you ever wondered how exactly that snap, crackle, pop happens? This may be dumb, but I did not know that Rice Krispies are made of actual rice and the snap, crackle, pop is all in the cooking process. Similar to popping popcorn, the rice is cooked into a kernel with thin walls allowing for air pockets to form within, once cold milk is added you get that snap, crackle, pop that we are all used to.

Have you ever wondered why a baker’s dozen is 13 instead of 12? Back in the day bakers used to have it pretty rough, if they were ever caught cheating a customer they would receive punishments such as having their hands chopped off or their ear nailed to to the bakery door. As a result bakers always made sure to give extra product to avoid punishment. [via]

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