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50 Types Of Candy Around The World

By | source:Here Feb 1st, 2020

Candy is something that every country has in common. Most every culture has it, but what makes it interesting is everyone has their own variation of the delicious confections. There are so many different takes on candy from chocolate to fruit, super sweet and sugary to hardly any sugar at all, and large chunks to small individual pieces. It truly is one of the most versatile categories of snacks. 

If you’re a fan of candy, you’ll be interested to learn about all of the types that are popular in different parts of the world. You can range from very mild (like Cadbury milk chocolate from the United Kingdom) or you can go very intense by trying Villosa Sallos Salmiak Pastillen, which is a salty licorice candy. People describe this as tongue-numbing and overwhelming. 

Some may find it odd that in some places you can find candy that isn’t necessarily sweet. In Malaysia, you can buy a popular candy called Victory Creamy Corn Candy, which is exactly what it sounds like: creamed corn flavored candy. There are also candies that you can’t find in certain countries, or even bring it across borders because it is illegal. This is the case with Keshua Coca Candy. You can buy it all over the country of Peru, and people like it for its energizing quality, but don’t try to bring any into the United States. It is illegal because it is made with coca extract from the Coca Plant–the same plant whose leaves cocaine is made of.