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Canceled: A Brief History of Single-Season TV Shows

By | source: May 20th, 2013

Everyone who watches TV regularly probably has one or two favorite shows that they think were canceled before their time. Some shows only last a few short seasons before they’re promptly forgotten, while others eventually make a comeback (Family Guy and Arrested Development were both canceled before being revived by popular demand). Some shows, though, are unfortunate enough to only make it through their first season, if that.

Today’s graphic from gives us a look into the world of single-season shows, from which networks are most likely to cancel a new program after or during its first season to which actors (and even producers) are more likely to be part of a one-season show. FOX, for instance, has the highest rate of shows discontinued after only one season at 46%, with The CW coming in second place at 35%. Out of the prospective genres of TV shows, sitcoms and dramas meet the axe most frequently on their first season, with comedies and sci-fi and fantasy shows next.

For more info on single-season TV shows take a look at the graphic below. [Via]

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