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Can One Infographic Teach You What Women Want?

By | source:Here Apr 1st, 2019

Well, this isn’t clickbait, so I’ll go ahead and say it: no, an infographic cannot teach you what women want, because women aren’t a monolith with one standard set of opinions. But this tongue-in-cheek infographic still offers a fun look into what online dating searches can tell us about modern romance.

Collecting data from a set of searches (as this British dating website did) rather than surveys is an interesting technique, because it gives you real-time information about what people are searching for-rather than a rose-tinted view of what they think they might search for. And people are always searching for advice on online dating, so it’s interesting to see how the numbers play out.

A lot of the statistics here are pretty unsurprising, and would probably be true regardless of gender. 30% of women preferred light drinkers, while only 1% preferred heavy drinkers; 40% want non-smokers, with 2% wanting heavy smokers; and employed and self-employed (39% and 32%, respectively) handily beat out unemployed and student (2% and 6%).

On a more superficial note, brown hair (18%) beat black hair (17%) and grey hair (4%). Women were equally happy with an athletic (36%) or ‘average’ (36%) partner, and were not as drawn to slightly overweight (16%) or ‘large’ (3%) men. However, the most fascinating statistic of all has to be the 1% of women who intentionally searched for married men on the dating website. If this graphic proves anything, it’s that there really is someone for everyone.