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Business Etiquette Around the World

By | source:CT Business Travel Aug 29th, 2015

Ever wonder how business transactions differ from country to country? Today’s infographic explores the different <!–more–> customs observed by nations around the globe during business meetings.

Business etiquette can vary drastically from country-to-country. Depending on the area of the world, different customs and mannerisms are expected in certain situations. For instance, in Canada it can be considered rude to be direct in communicating your intentions and feelings on a subject, whereas in Germany a straight-to-the-point, hyper-direct standard is expected. Tolerance for sticking to the agenda during meetings also varies from nation to nation. Most North American countries will allow business meetings to steer off course, while nearly all European nations expect the agenda to be observed rigidly.

There’s also a few odd, quirky business practices depending on country of origin. For example, in Russia, too much smiling can be viewed as a sign of insincerity or falsity (damn Russians). Additionally, French businessmen prefer a light handshake upon introduction, as opposed to the firm handshake standard Americans are used to.   Read up before your next business meeting!