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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. Breaking A Lease Is Harder

By | source:Here Feb 1st, 2018

Some people think that love is a trap, but it’s not true. A lease is. A lease is a legally binding trap; particularly when you share the lease with someone you have just broken up with.

If you live in a city or any heavily populated area, you’ll already know how hard it is to find a good place to rent, and looking with a second person is even harder. But people do it all the time. They meet someone, they fall in love, and then one person wakes up one day and says “Hey! Let’s live together, it’ll be great!” Both people, innocent in their dreamy love, have forgotten that looking for a place to live is stressful, and compromising is stressful, and moving house is one of the most stressful things we can do in life after death and divorce. Yet still, it happens, people sign a lease, and all seems well until it isn’t.

We all know good and well that you never really know someone until you live with them. And sometimes love just isn’t enough. So break-ups happen, but your lease does not care, and now you can’t afford to live alone.

So if you’re going through it, let this infographic prepare you for what’s to come, and for the sticky situation you will eventually, happily, get out of. Once all the papers are signed, obviously.

Then you can think about how to have an amazing looking home at a low cost.