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30 Drool Worthy Bread/Cheese Combos

By | source:Here Jul 22nd, 2020

No matter who you are or where you’re from, the delectable combination of bread and cheese will always hit the spot.

The combination of bread and cheese is just something that can never be done wrong. All around the world, different countries have put their own flair on the combination. Today’s infographic will be taking a look at some of the delicious bread and cheese combinations from around the world.

Some of these combinations are quite recognizable, such as the classic grilled cheese of the USA or the Croque Monsieur of France, but for the most part, this list is a lot of stuff you’ve likely never heard of before. One of my favorites I learned about from this list is Kepta Duona from Lithuania, which is fried bread topped with cheese and mayo. It sounds like an absolute calorie bomb, yet so delicious.

It really is quite interesting to see how each country deviates from the simple bread and cheese combination. Each country on this infographic has put their own tasty flair on this timeless combination and I gotta say, some of this stuff has my mouth-watering. Be sure to check out the rest to see some more bread and cheese combinations you’ve likely never seen before!