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How Can CBD Brands Possibly Stand Out Amidst a Saturated Market?

By | source: Mar 2nd, 2020

While it is exciting to get involved in a growth market, becoming a standout company is extremely difficult. Over the past few years, this is precisely what new CBD brands have been finding out – at their own expense. If they didn’t get in initially, these companies are playing catch-up compared to companies with years of experience.

PureKana is a prime example of a tried and trusted CBD brand. You can read pretty much every PureKana review, and they will all tell you the same thing: that the company provides high-quality CBD products at an affordable price. The brand ticks all the boxes when it comes to earning trust and establishing credibility, which is what any new CBD brand is after.

A study published in 2020 outlined issues such as mislabeling and fraud in the CBD industry. It gives an inkling of how hard it is for a new company to gain the credibility of an established brand like PureKana.

There are a minimum of 3,500 CBD brands in the United States alone. In such a saturated market, how can fledgling CBD brands – those with experience but little exposure – make the step up? Let’s take a look.

1 – Find a Sub-niche

If you’re a new CBD brand, looking to capture the entire market is a complete waste of time. You have little chance of beating the likes of PureKana, which already has an enormous customer base.

Instead, you should look for niche growth markets within the industry. Do you believe that your CBD oil is the best around? If it is, you need to invest all your time and energy into it, rather than making it just one product out of an expansive range.

Realistically, it would help if you looked into other parts of the market. There are dozens of CBD products available. While it is true that most aspects of the industry are already saturated, there are still areas with room to grow.

For example, Serene Jane is a company that knew precisely how to get both feet in the door. This brand specializes in products for women that are in perimenopause; in such a tightly defined niche, the company has managed to find a consistent customer base that they can rely on, rather than competing with thousands of other labels over the same target audience.

2 – Embrace Big Data Analytics

The term ‘big data’ relates to enormous data sets analyzed to reveal trends, associations, and patterns. Companies are especially interested in human behavior and interactions, as it can give them a unique insight into what customers think, need, and want.

If you want to become a successful CBD brand, you have to perform a deep dive into data and understand the story that it is telling. This means poring through the purchasing habits of consumers in your niche, analyzing studies into the products you’re selling, and browsing anecdotal evidence from users of similar products.

A few years ago, each CBD brand effectively took a stab in the dark due to the relative lack of data that was available. These days, there is no excuse due to the incredible amount of information at your fingertips. Although there is still an element of the ‘Wild West’ about the CBD market, consumers are now well-informed, and they expect CBD brands to be as well.

3 – Navigate Advertising Hurdles

This is perhaps the biggest challenge facing every CBD brand. Typically, a business understands the importance of social media when trying to reach as many people as possible. However, as CBD advertising is effectively banned on sites such as Facebook and Amazon, companies have a major obstacle to overcome. If you try to place a paid ad on any social media site, it will get taken down rapidly.

These limitations mean CBD brands have to get creative with how they advertise. They place features in hemp and CBD publications, host industry events, and even pay influencers to find savvy ways to get people to buy the brand’s products. Those who are unable to find a way through the minefield are quickly lost amidst the over-saturated market.

Then there are the constant issues with Google. Websites in the CBD industry work hard to get noticed on the search engine. Yet, they often find that a change to algorithms causes their traffic to collapse practically overnight. Hundreds of companies have gone out of business after the last few updates.

Therefore, you must find a way to get your CBD brand noticed without relying on Google. Creating partnerships with CBD websites is a mutually beneficial arrangement. However, many of the industry leaders already have agreements with your rivals!

Final Thoughts on How a CBD Brand Can Stand Out

If it were easy to become a successful CBD brand, we wouldn’t have a case where most people haven’t heard of 99% of CBD companies. The reality is a huge proportion of new CBD companies fail – especially when they don’t do their due diligence and put in the groundwork. Trying to become noticed in one of the world’s most saturated markets is tough, but it’s not impossible.

Find a sub-niche that hasn’t yet been exhausted, use big data, and find a way to advertise that doesn’t involve social media. Do all of the above, and you might have a fighting chance.

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The Stupidest No Deposit Bonus Tips You’ll Ever Get

By | source: Oct 3rd, 2022

Playing in an Australia online casino for real money and winning only necessitates you adhering to the necessary rules. In this situation, using a no deposit casino bonus can significantly increase your chances of winning. There are many different online casinos, and to attract many customers, these casinos provide various incentives to their players. One of such bonuses is a no deposit bonus.  Online casinos use these methods to keep their long-term clients and get new players to sign up as customers. These online casinos are responsible for delivering outstanding customer care to their patrons; failing to do so puts them in danger of losing those patrons. Read More

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Must-Have Tools for High-Quality Translators’ Work

By | source: Sep 26th, 2022

The times when a translator had to stock up only with paper, a pen, and knowledge of at least two languages ??are long gone, and modern interpreters use at least a computer or tablet. In addition, the development of technology makes it possible to simplify the work as much as possible, making it faster and more efficient. So, what are the best tools you should better download on your device for a more convenient work process?

Time Tracking and Managing Projects with Trello

Organizing all projects and setting time for each task has become easy with Trello! This instrument is inevitable for planning your schedule and getting things done without pressure or tension. It’s a perfect planner, allowing you to analyze productivity: for instance, if you decide to make a break and play live casino Canada, you can add it to your schedule to track the time. Trello is perfect for competently forming a to-do list, planning all tasks, and, of course, leaving time for breaks and rest. 

Grammarly for Checking Your Texts

Even professional translators sometimes make mistakes or typos, and Grammarly is an excellent tool to make your text polished. You don’t always want to proofread texts manually, so this program will do everything for you! Its functionality includes:


  • Checks the final text for mistakes and typos
  • Offers more interesting alternatives that are used in one or another language
  • Checks the punctuation properly
  • Provides synonyms and more suitable expressions


This program will significantly simplify the translator’s work and increase its efficiency. Once you start using this instrument, you won’t understand how you’ve lived without it before! 

Smartcat: The Best Cloud Technology

It’s an easy-to-understand and convenient instrument that is mostly used by freelancers and translating agencies. You can switch to it if you have used CAT technologies or even learn everything from scratch inside the program. The main benefit it has is its own marketplace, allowing it to involve other specialists in the work process.

XBench for Better Quality of Translation

This program is great for young professionals or those who want to improve their performance. XBench controls the texts’ quality and manages terminology, which is incredibly convenient for translators. Its main features that are highly appreciated by users are:


  • Grammar, punctuation, and accuracy checks
  • The possibility of uploading files in both languages
  • Adding sources of terminology
  • Creating quality reports, allowing the translator to see all pitfalls and mistakes
  • Helps to automatize tasks to avoid making them manually


Thousands of translators use this tool to control the quality of their texts. It’s also suitable for editors – save time and allow the program to help you.

Wordbee for Managing All Translations

This platform has all basic CAT functions and is suitable for tracking all texts and translations and keeping them in Wordbee’s memory. This tool has a built-in spellcheck, and a convenient interface helps to translate and check everything in a few clicks. Moreover, it is great for managing projects since it allows general access from multiple accounts.


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The 5 Health Advantages of Quantum Water Bottles for Your Body and Mind

By | source: Sep 19th, 2022


Since the magnitude of the quantum water trend has hit, we’ve heard about all the benefits that come with it. Users explain how it can increase hydration, flush toxins, and manage blood sugar. There are so many options available in today’s market. Different vessels cater to all kinds of needs, whether you need an on-the-go hydration solution or an insulated container to keep your drinks cold for extended periods. That’s all great to hear, but you may be wondering “What is quantum water?” and what are the specific advantages of a quantum water bottle over any other drinking vessel?

Quantum water results from water passing through a process that infuses it with beneficial electrolytes. When we consume this water, it enters our bloodstream, where it can provide us with essential hydration for our entire body. Here are five advantages of buying a quantum water bottle:

1. It Can Reduce Inflammation In The Body

When it comes to health, we want to avoid inflammation at all costs. Many diseases, such as cancer and heart disease, are caused or worsened by excessive inflammation in the body. As we age, our bodies naturally produce more inflammatory agents. While this is a natural part of the aging process, we can protect ourselves by reducing the number of inflammatory agents in our system. 

2. It Can Fight Free-Radical Damage

Quantum water can also fight free-radical damage by strengthening your immune system. The nature of this “molecular water” creates a superoxide radical, a powerful antioxidant, making it a powerful agent for fighting free radicals. While this isn’t the only way a quantum water bottle can help protect your body from free radical damage, it is one of the most significant advantages of this product. When exposed to harmful toxins, such as pesticides and chemical agents, which many of us are, they can cause damage to your body. Free radicals are the by-product of this damage and can lead to illness, aging, and death.

3. It’s Good For Your Skin And Hair

Many of us drink water to stay healthy and hydrated, but did you know that drinking water can also keep your skin and hair healthy? Water is essential for preventing premature aging, which is why we recommend drinking enough of it every day. Your skin can become dry, dull, and irritated when you don’t drink enough water. When you’re dehydrated, your body naturally pulls moisture from your skin. It pushes it towards your organs, leaving your skin feeling dry, so staying hydrated is essential. Water also helps your hair follicles retain moisture, preventing hair loss. When dehydrated, your body naturally pulls water away from your hair, making it look thin and brittle. Drinking enough water can reduce hair loss and prevent hair from breaking, which can later help delay severe hair loss.

4. It Can Help With Weight Loss

When you drink enough water, you naturally flush out toxins from your body, which can help with weight loss. When your body is healthy, it can adequately metabolize and process nutrients, which can help with weight loss. When your body is less toxic, it can focus more on burning fat rather than just trying to remove the toxins from your body, which can help speed up the weight loss process.

5. Help In Digestion

The unique water from drinking quantum water has been found to help digestion. Many people with digestive issues such as irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease have found that drinking water with ions has helped them with their health issues. It has been found that the water has a neutral pH level which is very beneficial in digestion. It can also help with any stomach pain.


When it comes to your health, you should always be aware of the dangers of consuming toxins. Luckily, with a quantum water bottle, you can protect yourself from harmful toxins while enjoying the many health benefits of drinking more water.

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Transcription for Academic Purposes: The Complete Guide

By | source: Aug 22nd, 2022

Transcription for academic purposes can seem daunting, but with the right tools and techniques, it can be a breeze. In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about transcriptions for school projects, research, and beyond. 

We’ll start with the basics of what transcription is and how it’s used, then move on to specific tips and tricks for getting the most out of your transcripts. By following our guide, you’ll be able to transcribe any document with ease!Read More

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Things You Should Know Before Signing a Prenup (2022)

By | source: Aug 19th, 2022

Despite being frowned upon and viewed negatively in society, a prenup is actually a useful and legitimate contract that clearly sets out what happens in case of the death of one spouse or separation of a married couple. 

Though it is still not the best topic to talk about before marriage, you would be wise to raise the subject. But there are things that you should know before signing a prenup and that is exactly what this article will educate you about. Read More