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Why The Lone Star State Is Bigger Than You Think

By | source:Here Jan 10th, 2021

Texas is enormous (we all know that) but the question is, how big is Texas? If you were to think of the state of Texas as a country, you might think it is one of the largest countries around the globe. In this case, you would be right, because it is estimated as the 39th largest country compared to about 200 countries. 

Maxing out at over 250,000 square miles, the state of Texas is the second largest state in the United States. The state is actually bigger than countries like the United Kingdom, Iceland, Spain, Iraq, and Japan. Meanwhile, all of these countries, aside from Iceland, have a larger population than that of Texas. 

A country like Brazil, though, Texas can’t really match up with. Texas only covers 8% of the square mileage and 13% of the population. Out of the 14 countries on the list, Texas is bigger than most of them. No wonder those that live in Texas love their state so much. When you live in Texas, you can very much feel as though you aren’t even a part of the United States at all. 

Check out the infographic to see which other countries aren’t as big as our Texas.