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Bad Eating Habits

By | source:Evoke Feb 14th, 2015

Have you ever eaten cheese and crackers for dinner because you don’t have anything else? Just me? Although my meal was tasty, it was a terrible choice for my health. If you, like me, don’t take the time to plan your meals for the week and ensure you have the ingredients on hand, you might make some pretty unhealthy choices come dinnertime.

Improper planning is only one of many bad eating habits described in today’s infographic. Not drinking enough water is another, and so is adding salt to all your food. Naturally, I’m guilty of those, too. It’s a good thing someone provided ways to break these and other nasty eating habits!

Alright, maybe you’re not guilty of any of these habits. (Good for you!) There might still be something for you in today’s infographic. It’s about much more than helping you identify bad eating habits. It also highlights five foods that are bad for your metabolism, like fruit juices, cereal or artificial sweeteners, and provides some dining out do’s and don’ts for healthy eating.