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8 Simple Ways To Avoid Decision Fatigue

By | source:Here Sep 13th, 2019

Our days are full of decisions. As soon as we hear the alarm early in the morning we have to decide whether we’ll snooze it or just get out of bed. By the end of the day, we’ve made so many choices that we may even experience decision fatigue.

Each day we make a whopping 36,000 decisions. One by one they chip away at our willpower, making us less productive and motivated. A great way to relieve this problem is to create routines. The more automation we install into our lives, the fewer decisions we have to make.

Eating a healthy diet can also be beneficial. Research shows that a drop in glucose levels can lead to making some bad decisions. Preparing your meals early in the week can help you stay in the game and eliminate the need to decide what to cook next.

If used properly, technology can also provide some help with decision fatigue. Productivity apps and automated bill-paying are just a few ways to free up some mental space for more important things.

Keeping your mental vitality at a high level requires getting rid of old habits and creating new ones. All it takes is making the choice to make fewer choices. Try to wrap your head around that one.