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Robots Are Watching And Want These Jobs

By | source:Here Feb 21st, 2021

For decades, humanity has had a love/fear relationship with robots. In movies, they’re often humanized and given emotions as comic relief or a cute cartoon character. They’re shown as loyal companions to heroes and the ideal helpers! Yet again, in movies, they are sometimes shown to be dangerous criminals–indestructible and fearless! Completely able to crush our fragile human flesh.

Now, the reality is a bit different. We make use of robots all the time. We might not think of them that way, but even calculators are technically robots (given that they do automated tasks that used to fall in human hands entirely), and the real risks they pose are less along the lines of giant crushing feet, and more along the line of making us obsolete.

Most of our jobs are aided and improved by automated helpers, but where does their help cross into them being viable replacements for our own efforts? Not all jobs are created equal and there are some things that machines are simply not equipped to do (yet!), but this guide is a good look at what type of task would be better suited for our automated pals to take over. Is your job safe?