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Canadian Auto Insurance Coverage By Province

By | source:Here Dec 3rd, 2021

Is it possible to make car insurance interesting? Maybe not, but we can make a pretty infographic and try to trick people into thinking it is.

Whether or not you consider it interesting, we know insurance can be a confusing and overwhelming topic for many. Things like videos, social media posts, blogs, and of course, infographics, can help break down complicated topics.

In Canada, car insurance is regulated by the provinces. That means there are different regulations depending on the province you’re in. This can be confusing for new Canadians trying to figure out what car insurance coverage they need. It can also be confusing for Canadians who are moving to a new province and need to get a new license and switch their insurance policy. Let’s just be honest: it can be confusing for pretty much anyone.

Another aspect of insurance that varies from province to province is whether car insurance is private or public. In some provinces, car insurance is issued by the government, meaning there is only one option. Other provinces offer private insurance, which gives the customer more choice. Quebec has a mix of public and private options.

This infographic shows the different minimum car insurance coverages required in every Canadian province. It also shows whether the province has public or private insurance coverage. This infographic doesn’t answer every insurance question the viewer might have. Their next step might be looking up terms like, “liability”, “direct compensation” and “comprehensive insurance”. However, this infographic shows the viewer that insurance varies widely across Canada and give folks a sense of the requirements in different provinces.

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