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Anatomy of a Librarian

By | source: Nov 10th, 2011

It’s a shame only 1% of all librarians fall into my age group of 20-24… because they’re usually hot…AND intelligent. On the plus side, 78% of them are women. Ladies, you should look into this career…you’ll get my love and a decent sum of money (60k/yr!). I’ll let you figure out which one is more important.

Librarians are a great resource, and college students should use them when trying to do research. They clearly have mad skills in their ability to simultaneously use their left and right brains. When writing a paper, I find the hardest part is locating quality sources outside of just googling something. If you have a librarian help you locate appropriate sources, chances are your paper is going to be pretty good.

As the internet expands and improves, people seem to forget about physical contact. Nothing will ever compare to communicating with someone in real life, and librarians can give you incredibly specialized help. So next time you’re stuck at your computer with no ideas on how to start, just go to the nearest library. Maybe the 1% will be there. [Online masters guide]