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The Truth About America’s Music Taste

By | source:Here May 5th, 2020

One of the most obvious aspects of American culture is our music. Whether we realize it or not, we are exposed to music constantly and it has becoming engrained in almost every part of our lives.

In today’s infographic, we’ll be taking a look at American music preferences, more specifically their favorite genres. Family Center for Recovery (FCFR) surveyed 1,455 Americans with various questions about music and was able to find out the most popular genres as well as the eras Americans think are the best for music.

We’ve all heard people lament about the decline in music quality before claiming that their generation’s music was the best, but is there any truth behind this? While it turns out that there are some genres that tend to always reign supreme (it’s hard to not like rock music from any era) there is still some debate about what era really does have the best music overall.

Of course, older generations will probably always hate new music no matter what surveys say. The mere exposure effect alone makes it difficult to stray away from our comfort zone and discover new music. However, it is always interesting to see what other people like to listen to in comparison to myself and my age group.