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A World Without Magnets

By | source: Feb 13th, 2013

When mention of magnets emerge, it’s hard for me not to think of the infamous ICP track ‘Miracles’ “F-ing magnets, how do they work?” There’s just so much magic up in this bitch.

Obviously magnets are not purely here to confound us, but in all seriousness, magnetization is the reason why many of our modern-day conveniences exist. That’s right, no vacuums, dryers, blenders, washers or mixers. All of these items are produced from a magnet propelled electric motor. Other items that use electric motors like MRI machines, microphones and batteries would be extinct and defunct.

Even going beyond that, there wouldn’t be any electricity to harness! All of our power plants, regardless of variety use magnets. Even going back into the pre-industrial age, there wouldn’t have been compasses for early explorers! But when thinking about that, compasses work by reading the magnetization fields surrounding Earth. So in this hypothetical world of sans-magnetization, Earth would not be safely floating through space right now. You see, the interior heat of the Earth creates a magnetic field around Earth (not unlike a battery). This Magnetosphere creates a protective bubble around Earth and deflects most of the charged particles from the Sun around our planet! So give it up for Magnetism!