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A Gentleman’s Guide to Hats

By | source:Samuel Winsor Dec 9th, 2017

Most are familiar with different styles of hats, from the average Joe’s baseball cap to the old fashioned top hat, but did you know that hats can accommodate for various face shapes?  The world of hats goes deeper than you may think, and today’s infographic will give you a useful guide to men’s hats.

While hats can be drastically different like the fedora and the flat hat, there are also very subtle differences between hats.  Take for example crown shapes, or the shape of the top of the hat.  The average person may not pick up on details like these, especially if the wearer of the hat is tall, like the United States’ sixteenth president Abraham Lincoln, famous for his black top hat.

Though the top hat may have been trendy in Lincoln’s time, the only time you’ll want to be sporting one these days is on Halloween.  For a more fashionable choice, opt for the casual look provided by a baseball cap or go for the traditional look of a fedora.

Men’s fashion has all sorts of subtleties you may not have paid attention to, all the way down to the creases in a cowboy hat.  Use this guide to find the right hat for you.