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A Breakdown Of Regional Economics In the USA

By | Sep 18th, 2015

America is a vast nation, filled with diverse landscapes, weather, people and industries. The different regions of our nation specialize in distinctive commerce depending on their physical and financial environment. When I think West Coast I think technology and renewable energy. Down south there’s Oil and other natural resources. New England reminds me of the financial markets while the Great Lakes has their blue-collar industry. Finally the Plains specialize in agriculture.

Today’s infographic takes my assumptions and applies the real facts and figures. Like I thought, the East Coast has a massive influence on the financial sector of our economy, but what I didn’t factor in was the massive population in the northern East Coast causing Health Care to be a large generator for the country’s GDP.

The tech savvy East Coast does seem to generate a large amount of professional services, while the South has quite a bit of manufacturing and mining.

As our economy starts bouncing back from the last recession we will see a shift in industries. With new technology and business opportunity popping up across the nation, who knows what region will be shining in five year.