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A Breakdown of Fashion Week Representation

By | source:The Fashion Spot Sep 9th, 2017

With Fashion Week in full swing around the world, fashion lovers are anticipating what trends they will see on the runway this year. The focus is on the clothes of course, but also the models themselves.  

The diversity of models has been an issue in the past for fashion week. While some fashion followers are more satisfied now that they can see a little variation in the shades of models on the runway, there is still a long way to go for the industry.

Major Fashion Week runway shows typically occur semi-annually.  Today’s infographic shows a sobering diversity report leading up to the last Spring 2017 shows.

The most diverse show was in the U.S. fashion capital, New York City, with 30.3% of the models being people of color. Kanye West’s “Yeezy” line was the most diverse show with 97% of the models being of color. A few designers made the least diverse list having no models of color on their runway.  In all likelihood, Kanye’s line skewed the numbers for New York.

To see if some of this season’s shows meet your diversity standards, be sure to stay tuned all month long to see which cities do diversity best!

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