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9 Ways to Not Waste Orange Peels and 1 Dubious Use for Orange Juice

By | source:Tasty Catering Apr 30th, 2016

Inspired by the little pile of brightly-colored, sweet-smelling orange peels sitting in the empty yogurt cup next to me, I set out to find something to do with them rather than just chuck them in the bin. And lo! This lovely little visual guide came to my rescue straight away.

I really like the idea of drying the peels and putting them in tea. Orange is a nice addition to almost any herbal tea, of course, but I reckon it would taste lovely in English breakfast or most kinds of black tea, especially a Ceylon. If you’re musing about tea now, we’ve got an assortment of tea infographics to fuel your reflections – here’s a taste.

I’m also rather more inclined to put orange zest in vodka and just make orange infused vodka than try to make an extract. Homemade orange infused vodka martini anyone?

The cornmeal and orange juice exfoliator sounds icky and sticky and mushy to me. I shall be avoiding that one, but if you give it a try leave a comment and tell me how it goes. Maybe it’ll be awesome?