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6 Workplace Rules that Drive Everyone Crazy

By | Jul 16th, 2016

Rules in the workplace can serve a purpose, but they can also be a major drag and do more harm than good.

From uniforms to no-clothes-allowed parties, we run into dress codes of one kind or another everywhere and anywhere. Some are just for fun, to make us think outside the box and show up wearing the curtains, but some are no fun at all.

It’s bad enough to have to wear a tie, but a decent number of employers require women to wear heels, which seems insane to me. If you like wearing heels, great, but if it’s not something that you’re already into heels are a nightmare. I can’t imagine a better way to ensure that someone hates going to work. They’re difficult to walk in, they hurt, and they can give you serious medical problems.

Workplace rules should, like the pirate’s code, be more like guidelines.

What rules does your work have that drive you nuts? Whatever’s stressing you out at the office, check out our infographic on how to extend your life at work for some tips to improve your long-term health and happiness.