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12 Reasons to Let Your Employees Play Games

By | Oct 2nd, 2016

It might seem counter-intuitive to encourage, or even allow, employees to cut loose and play games at work, but the potential benefits might surprise you.

Stress is not known to foster creativity, fast reactions, or flexible thinking. Unfortunately, stress is an inescapable aspect of work, and it’s inevitable that that stress becomes associated with the work place. Fortunately, there is something that fosters creativity, fast reactions, and flexible thinking that is very easy to introduce into the work environment. You guessed it: games.

The benefits of video games are well known, but there’s a good reason that most of the games suggested by this infographic involve physically moving around. Chances are, your emloyees are sitting at computers all day and could darn well do with a bit of movement, so why not bundle that in with a decompressing game of ping-pong? Of course, if your employees are on their feet all day, throwing down in a comfy chair for 15 minutes of Mario might be more along the lines of what they need.

Whatever the specific needs of your office, consider giving games a go.