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10 Things To Do Before You Park At The Airport

By | source:AirportParkingReservations Jun 20th, 2016

Transportation options to the airport can be a little sticky, and there’s no better person to trust than yourself to get to your flight on time. Driving to the airport and leaving your vehicle can help lower the stress of travel, especially on the return. Today’s infographic will help make your return home a pleasant event.

My all-time favorite piece of travel advice: put clean sheets on your bed before you leave. Coming home to a freshly made bed is one of the best feelings in the world. Coming home to a clean car is also refreshing.

Removing all of your trash before leaving your car helps keep clutter and weird smells away. Preparing yourself for the elements is also important. Those in the north should always have an ice scraper in the vehicle, and everyone should be prepared to wipe down the windshield.

Removing any valuables is a given, but another simple task can be agonizingly painful when forgotten: remembering where you parked your car. In this new age of technology I like to just drop a pin on google maps when I leave my car. Also jotting down the garage level and location works too.

Leaving your vehicle at the airport isn’t something most people plan for, but just a little effort can go a long way in making your return a little more enjoyable.