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10 Shocking Statistics About Employee Engagement

By | source: Feb 2nd, 2014

Having a role is good. Doing well feels great. Being acknowledged for a job well done feels even better. That sensation we get when we do something right and you know that everyone around is thinking, “dang, you go!” instills a sense of pride that no one can take away.

That feeling can be hard to come by. So often we can feel like we are drowning in a sea of monotony. So many of us start work thinking that this is going to be the right place to work and you work there and it turns out your boss is a jerk or your coworkers suck or it’s just not what you wanted. Quitting usually seems like the best option at that point. That is okay!

Seriously, find what you love. Get to a place where you can truly feel like you belong. Get to a place where you feel like everything you do is for the best. Get to that place where you feel passionate and driven to be your best because you love what you do; that’s when you do it right. Thats when you start taking pride in a job well done.

Life is too short to be putting up with nonsense. Find something you love. Find someone you love working for. Find a cause that makes you want to wake up every morning and change the world. Get engaged in your job. Be a better and prouder you! Because YOU kick butt.