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10 Different Types Of Spoons: A Visual Guide

By | source:Here Sep 3rd, 2023

I love spoons. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a fascination with spoons. As a kid, I used to sit outside and count them in a cabinet full of dishes (my mom still tells me that story). Now that we live in an apartment without a dishwasher or cabinets full of dishes, my husband thinks it’s weird that I still love spoons so much. But there’s no denying the utility and wonderment of this essential utensil! Here are 10 different types of spoons:

Sugar Spoon

Sugar spoons are used to serve sugar, and they’re usually small with a long handle. They can also be used to serve other things, like salt. Sugar spoons are made of silver or stainless steel.


Ice Cream Spoon

Ice cream spoons are long and thin. They’re used to scoop ice cream from a bowl, and they often have a small spoon at the end for eating. Ice cream spoons are usually made of stainless steel or plastic, but you can also find them made from other materials like silver or gold!


Dessert Spoon

Dessert spoons are a type of spoon that can be used to eat ice cream, custard and other soft desserts. The dessert spoon has a wider bowl than a teaspoon, but is still smaller than the soupspoon. It often has an ornate handle and is made from silver or silver plate. Dessert spoons were traditionally used at formal dinners as part of the dining service known as “silver plate”. Silver plate is made up of tableware pieces that are either made entirely from sterling silver (92% pure) or have silver plating over another metal such as brass or nickel.


Soup Spoon

A soup spoon is a spoon with a deep bowl and a long handle. It’s used for eating soups and stews, but you can also use it for cereal or ice cream. Soup spoons are also called serving spoons. Soup spoons are usually made of stainless steel or silver–they’re not as expensive as other types of utensils because they don’t need to be fancy since they’re only used for one thing: eating soup!


Serving Spoon

Serving spoon: A serving spoon is the biggest of all spoons, and it’s used for serving food. Serving spoons are larger than teaspoons, tablespoons, soup spoons, dessert spoons and ice cream spoons.



Tablespoon is a spoon that is used for eating or serving food. A tablespoon is also a measurement of volume, equal to 1/2 fluid ounces or 15 ml.


Salad Spoon

Salad spoons are smaller than other types of spoons. They have a small bowl and a long handle, which makes them easy to use when eating salad. Salad spoons can be made from metal or plastic (or both), but they’ll always have a similar shape and size: the bowl is wider than it is deep, and the back end has a concave curve that extends outwards towards the tip of the handle.


Soda Spoon

A soda spoon is a small spoon used for serving soft drinks. It can also be called a beverage spoon, and the two terms are often used interchangeably. Soda spoons are typically made from stainless steel or plastic, with some having stems that allow them to be placed in glasses without being submerged in the liquid. This makes them useful for parties where you want guests to be able to easily pick up their drinks without getting their hands wet. Soda spoons are usually used at home, but they’re available from many retailers online if you’re looking for something different than what’s available locally (or if your local store doesn’t carry them).



A teaspoon is a small spoon, used for stirring coffee or tea. It can also be used to stir sugar and honey into beverages, or even medicine if you’re feeling ill. If you want to be fancy about it, teaspoons are sometimes called “sugar spoons” because they’re used primarily for consuming sweet things (like sugar). If you are using your teaspoon as a measurement tool–say, if you need to measure out 1/2 tbsp of cinnamon for an apple pie recipe–you’ll need a different type of measuring utensil.


Coffee Spoon

A coffee spoon is a spoon used for stirring coffee. It has a flat end and a rounded end, with the flat end being used to stir and mix your beverage, while the rounded end allows you to scoop out any excess liquid from your cup. The reason why this type of spoon is called so is because it’s commonly used in kitchens around the world by chefs who specialize in preparing hot beverages such as tea or coffee.


We hope we’ve been able to give you a better understanding of the different types of spoons. We also want to make sure that you know that there are many more than just these 10! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.